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Washable Sheepskins 

Sheepskins make the perfect gift for any member of your family from babies, to seniors, to pets.

Wool is the best natural insulator to keep you warm when its cold, and cool in the heat.

Sheepskins are perfect for a baby's bassinet, car seat or play-pen. They can be used as seat covers/cushions, bedside carpets, pet beds, or home decor. If placed under a fitted sheet they'll keep you at the perfect temperature in bed. Sheepskins are ideal for those who sit for long periods, have limited mobility or who are bedridden. 

Our sheepskins are washable! Click here for care instructions. 


Washing Instructions

  1. Fill machine with cold or tepid water to level adequate for maximum utilisation of soap and cleaning ability. Add Eucalan Woolwash or other wool-friendly detergent. 

  2. Add sheepskin only after testing water temperature by touch.

  3. Wash on slow or gentle cycle.

  4. Rinse in cool water. Eucalan users should not rinse.          Gently spin out excess moisture.


To Air Dry
Hang you lambskin by two corners on a line, outside if possible. Avoid draping the lambskin over a line or clothes-rack before completely dry as this may leave a crease in the skin.


To Machine Dry

When using a dryer, use the same heat as for woollen garments. Alternate low heat and no heat until completely dry.


When drying, stretch the skin by hand several times in all directions. Once dry, brush with a coarse comb or brush.


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