Wool organic wool products to keep you comfortably warm

We are proud members of the Upper Canada Fibreshed, an organization dedicated to the promotion and production of locally produced and processed fibres and textiles.

Follow this link to learn more. Why wool?

Lambskins are available in a range of colours (black, grey, brown, blonde, white, or spotted). All skins are fully washable. 

Sheepskins make the perfect gift for every member of your family from babies to seniors to pets. They can be used seat covers/cushions, bedside carpet, pet bed, or decorative feature. Sheepskins are ideal to prevent pressure sores for those with limited mobility or who are bedridden. 


Sheepskins can be purchased from our online shop.

Wool products are investments that will last a lifetime. Wool is the best natural insulator to keep you warm when its cold, and cool in the heat.

Our scarves are hand woven from the our sheeps' wool in Burlington, Ontario. Each scarf is unique - creatively designed and hand made by local artist, Ruth Thoem.

Scarves can be purchased from our online shop




Naturally coloured yarn and roving from individual sheep. Each skein is labelled with the name and breed of the sheep it came from. 

Our yarn and roving is processed at Wellington Fibres. It is soft enough to wear against your skin. 

Yarn can be purchased from our online shop.


Periodically we have a selection of raw fleeces available for sale. Most are white, grey or dark brown and all are a cross of Finnsheep, Gotland, Rambouillet and/or Newfoundland. Our fleeces are range from very fine and soft, to stronger and lustrous. They have been skirted and are ready for processing by hand or at your favourite mill. 

Fleeces are individually priced by weight ($10-20/lb)