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The Sheep 

Our unique flock of sheep is comprised of Rambouillet, Rambouillet x Finnsheep ewes, and our new flock of Rideau x Suffolk ewes from Topsy Farm. Our ewes (mothers) are selected for thriftiness, good mothering ability, and high wool quality. They are bred with an Ile de France ram selected for excellent meat quality. This cross ensures a healthy, and delicious lamb that thrives on pasture alone.


What sets our sheep apart from most flocks is their naturally short tails and high quality wool. Having a short tail eliminates the need for tail docking (amputation), a painful but common practice in sheep farming. Wool is like a miracle fibre - carbon-sequestering, completely renewable, compostable, anti-microbial, water-repelling, insulating, fire-resistant, and most importantly, soft enough to wear next to your skin! 

The sheep are grazed around the farm and hay fields from April through December giving constant access to nutritious pasture. In winter they are fed hay from our fields. 

Sheep grazing at Linc Farm @Southbrook
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