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What are Others Saying About Us?

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The Star

There’s no shortage of meat

April 2020

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How Sheep are Helping Make Ontario Wine

July 2019

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The Sierra Club

Biodiversity in Ontario: Why is it Important?

July 5, 2017

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Katia Trudeau

Field to Fashion

May 12, 2017



A Visit to Linc Farm

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Virtual farmers’ markets

April 2020

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The Lake Report

Farm-hers of NOTL

August 2018

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Pardon Your French

Free-Range Love at Linc Farm

August 5, 2016

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The Niagara Local

A Visit to Linc Farm @ Southbrook

July 24, 2016


Support Local Businesses

March 2020


Unser Hof

Ein Shärdinger in Ontario

July 2017

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St Catharines Standard

Owners Not Sheepish About Farm

May 31, 2016


Upper Canada Fibreshed

Linc Farm at Southbrook

I cooked your spectacular pork chops last night  and they were historically delicious, superlative.

I told my son about the privilege of what he was eating - a gift from the Linc Farm Shangri-La.

There have only been 2 or 3 places in my life that shared the throbbing beneficent celestial energies I felt on your farm.  Thank you for showing me around and introducing me to your charming flock and porcine princesses.

           - James Chatto

"That bacon is no joke! Can't wait to try the rest of the pork. You guys are amazing!

       - Dr Chris Zulliani

Thanks for the lamb! What a great learning experience. The meat is unbelievable.  When can I get some pork?

    - Justin Duc,

          Odd Bird

"We tried the pork chops first. I asked my dinner to marry me"

    - annonymous

"Your lamb is absolutely beautiful, It's a pleasure to cook with."

    - chef Daniel Hadida

"We were playing with a toy farm and I say 'Put the piggies in the barn.' She tells me 'No, mommy, piggies don't live in barns, they live in the forest.' Any time we drive by a wooded area she asks if pigs live in there!"

        - Justine Bjorgan Nicholls 

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