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Free Range Pork

Individual cuts and pork boxes available here while supplies last

The Whole (or half) Hog


  • Whole or Half portions 

  • Custom butchering and curing

  • Each cut is individually packaged and labelled

  • Each order is boxed for easy transportation

Prices - Based on the hanging weight*

Whole pig   $6.00/lb (220-250 lb)

Half pig       $6.50/lb (~115 lb)

Restaurant pricing available


*The hanging weight of an animal is measured by the butcher once the inedible organs have been removed.


Order Form

Click to download our...

Half Pig Butchering Form

How much pork is right for your family?

Keep in mind that vacuum packed pork will maintain quality for at least 6 months in your freezer and that pork is available from the farm in spring and fall.

Tip: You'll need about 1 cubic foot of freezer space per 25-30 lb of meat

We also have several Pork Boxes available including a Nose-to-Tail Box if a half pork order is more than you're looking for.

Visit our online shop for all the details

Individual Cuts

You can place an order for an assortment of individual cuts that can be picked up at the farm by appointment or at our farmers markets.

Place your orders here.

​*Cuts priced by the pound

  • Loin chops (1", bone in)  

    • 1" boneless​               

    • smoked chops          

  • Loin roast 

    • bone in                     

    • bone out​                    

  • Tenderloin                       

  • Blade/butt steaks           

  • Boston Butt roast (boneless)           

  • Picnic roast (3-5lb)          

    • bone in​, skin on       

    • ​boneless                  

  • Pork Belly/Side pork      

  • Jowl                               

    • Fresh jowl                ​​​

    • jowl bacon               

  • Ham:

    • sliced ham               

    • bone in​ (6-30lb)       

  • Spare ribs                      

  • Back ribs                        

  • Bacon                            

  • Pea meal bacon            

  • Sausages (pack of 4):                     

    • Plain (s&p)​

    • Honey Garlic

    • Italian (hot & mild)

    • German                

    • Dutch (smoked s&p)

    • Hungarian

    • Sundried Tomato

    • Chorizo

  • Breakfast Sausages: pack of 12

    • plain (s&p)​

    • apple cinnamon

    • Belgian

  • Hock                          

    • smoked hock​      

  • Ground pork             

  • Trotters                     

  • Bones                           

  • Offal:                         

    • Kidney                    

    • Heart                      

    • Liver                       

  • Lard                              

  • Bones                           

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