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Free Range Slow Growth Chicken


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Whole chicken   $/lb

What makes these chickens special?


Unlike most outdoor raised chickens (usually Cornish/White Rock) that are ready for market in 4-6 weeks, these slow growing chickens require at least 12 weeks to reach market size (we're expecting a range of 3-6lb). This slow growth means that the skeletal and cardiovascular system of the chicken is able to keep up with muscle growth which allows the chickens to do normal chicken things like scratch, flap, run, forage, and perch (many of these activities are beyond the reach of fast growing chickens in the last weeks of growth). As a result of being more active, slow growing chickens are more flavourful, and have denser meat than fast growing chickens.

As with all our animals, the chickens live outside on pasture. They have been following the sheep through the field moving every 1-3 days. They have constant access to fresh water and non-GMO grain in addition to what they forage in the pasture.



Check Back Later
  • Whole chickens 3-6 lb

  • Giblets included

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