The Cattle

We began raising cattle in 2018. After extensive research into breeds and management styles we settled on the Speckle Park breed, a new Canadian breed of beef cow, and a breed growing in herd size and reputation around the world. The breed was developed from three heritage breeds - Aberdeen Angus, Shorthorn, and White Park. They are well adapted to our hot summers and cold winters; they aren't pure black like Angus so they reflect the sun, and grow a good thick coat in winter. They've also been bred to produce well-marbled beef on pasture alone.

Due to infrastructure and land constraints we have partnered with another farm who breed the cows and raise the calves. Calves join our herd after weaning, after which we raise them on pasture another 2 years alongside our sheep and chickens. In the winter we feed them hay from our fields.

How handsome are these guys eh__#farmlif