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The pigs made their debut at Linc Farm in 2015. Our Berkshire sows give our pork the marbling which makes the breed so famous. Paired with our Duroc boar, this produces a larger, more efficient free-ranging pig that produces dark, juicy, and rich pork without excessive fat.


We have a "Farrow-to-Finish" farm meaning the pigs are born and spend their whole lives on our farm. This way, we are able to ensure the best care and nutrition through the whole life cycle with fewer stresses due to environmental changes. 


Our pigs free range rotationally across 15 acres of forest rich with nut trees, and several acres of pasture. We supplement their foraging with a balanced non-GMO grain feed that contains no soy or corn. The pigs are also fed seasonal produce like grape skins and pumpkins.

The Pigs 

Pigs grazing at Linc Farm @Southbrook